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Lost Your Philips Car Radio Code?

We're here to help, and can recover radio codes for most Philips radios produced up to the year 2000. All we need to do this is the serial number from your Philips radio, which can easily be located on the radio chassis.

We're pleased to advise that we can now also supply codes for Renault Philips and VDO radios from 2000 onwards, including the most popular "Tuner List" and "Update List" units. If you own a 2000 onwards Renault unit, please see this page - otherwise, see below.

Codes For 30 Million Philips Radios

Our database includes codes for 30 million different Philips radios. The database contains codes for the majority of Philips radios produced up to the year 2000, including factory radios fitted to:
• BMW • Rover • Land Rover
• Range Rover • MG • Fiat
• Citroen • Peugeot • Renault
• Mitsubishi • Honda • Vauxhall / Opel

Philips radio code availability check

To find out whether our database includes the code for your Philips radio, simply enter the radio serial number into the form below.
(How to find your serial number)

Philips radio codes
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